Bank of China-ARRRR

05 Feb

When I first arrived Shanghai, I took my dad’s suggestion of being a VIP member at the Bank of China. This supposedly enables their clients to have quicker and more efficient service as well as being able to use any ATM in China to get cash. I am flustered because for some reason, the past three times I went to visit this bank had not been easy. First time, I went up to the VIP counter upstairs supposedly to get a personal banker to help me setup my ATM card since I had left in back in the States. I went a little earlier knowing that the banks here close at 4pm so they would have plenty of time to help me. I arrived at the banker and he said that the normal woman who does these transactions is not here and referred me to go downstairs to the normal tellers. I got downstairs and had to get a ticket and waited on their sofa. After waiting about 30 mins, my number was finally called. Then when I got to the counter to file for a new card, it took them another 30-45 mins. This was very new to me, as I have never signed so many papers to get a lost ATM card before. So then they told me it would take 7 days. A few days after, I went in again to exchange some american dollars to RMB to hold me off a bit and same they had me signing a bunch of forms to just exchange $200! Finally, today (7 days later) I went in for my new card, and the VIP section was closed on Sundays so I waited patiently by the teller to get my card. The whole process today took another hour when there were only 1 person ahead of me!!! Oh my dear Shanghai, can you please start organizing  your banking system so that your customers can have a better experience? I wonder, are there other Banks in Shanghai that have faster and better service?


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2 responses to “Bank of China-ARRRR

  1. Michela

    July 11, 2012 at 4:47 pm

    I had a similar experience with Bank of China. I had to make a online transfer from another account to the one I have in Bank of China but couldn’t remember if between my two names I had space or not. I called their service number 95566 and patiently went through all the “please press this, press that” and ended up waiting on the phone for 45 minutes with no answer by the operator. At that point i hang up and decided to call directly the branch where I opened the account and some Chinese girl answered the phone but she had a very poor English so I decided to switch to Chinese, at that point she started talking really fast and she has been really impolite saying that I had to go to the branch to have this information. I wasted almost 1 day to find out what was the exact name of the account (of course it was without space because Chinese people are everything but precise and despite the name I have on the passport, they wrote it wrong! Shame on me I didn’t check that time but I was just arrived to Shanghai). If you can, go to HSBC to open an account, everyone speaks English and is really nice to you plus the service is really good!


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