I am a 31 year old chinese women born in Hong Kong and moved to Toronto, Canada with family when I was seven years old. At the age of 12 we moved to our longtime home city, the Golden City of San Francisco. When I was young, we often joked around and said we were like nomads, moving many times in one life. In 2005, I had resided in Shanghai to be closer to my father and boyfriend back then for 6 months. 7 years ago doesn’t seem that long ago, but in Shanghai things were very different back then. Different cultures, rules, morals, people and attitudes! After my stay in Shanghai, I had earned my teacher’s certification back home and became a teacher teaching young school children in San Francisco Bay Area. Although, I valued and treasured my life in San Francisco and can imagine my future being there, I have decided to move back to Shanghai, China and experience Shanghai once again with the many opportunities it has to offer in both life and career. After all, this is where my roots are.

I began this blog primarily to document my life experiences in Shanghai and share them with my closest family and friends. Some may come across as interesting, some different or some could even turn out strange but that is for you to see and hopefully some of my life experiences may capture your curiosity!


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  1. worldwifetraveler

    April 12, 2013 at 5:37 pm

    Hello! This is for you! A nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award – – Cheers!


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