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Urban Soup Kitchen

Treat yourself to some hearty fresh Soup, Salads and Sandwiches at Urban Soup Kitchen! Found this place a week ago located near Xintiandi and it’s perfect for a healthy quick lunch! They also have free delivery within 2 km if you order directly.

Try their Carrot Ginger soup and Tuna Sandwiches, they’re Deeeee-li-cious!

You can also get a Combo Deal  and get a Salad or Sandwich+soup for half the price!

Phone: 021-3331-1861


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Lost in Shanghai?

One of my favorite past times in Shanghai is to try the different cuisines and new restaurants here! A friend of mine brought me to this restaurant when I first moved here and last night we had another fun and amazing night there. We had a group dinner date there consisting of about 12 people and everyone had a blast! The atmosphere was warm with dimmed lighting and they served a handful of fine tuned exotic Yunnanese dishes.

Imagine deep fried lamb samosas, fragrant fish in banana leaf, silky tofu with eggplant and Dali style Chicken…(I think my mouth is watering again:)

If you’re lost in Shanghai, dont’ fret and go to “Lost Heaven“!  This is the essential place to go for the ultimate foodie in Shanghai! 

They have 2 locations. One on the bund, and one in the French Concession. I felt like I had a better experience at the one on the bund. 

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Midnight delight

My cousin got off late from work the other night and was starving! We knew we wanted American food but didn’t know what was still open. By that time, it was already midnight and most of the restaurants were already closed.

Don’t worry, there’s always Dakota! My cousin ordered a burger and we shared their unforgettable donuts with vanilla sauce for dessert! YUM!!!Image


38 Donghu Lu, 
near Xinle Lu 

5403 8906

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Kung Pao Shanghai!

Someone once told me you can find all the World’s Best Cuisines in Shanghai! And speaking of Sichuan, if you want authentic Sichuanese food, look no more! Here’s the real thing! Sichuan CitizenTry it, you might like it:)


30 Donghu Lu,
near Huaihai Lu

5404 1235

I highly recommend: Spicy eggplant, taro appetizer, brocoli, and kung pao chicken

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#1 Street food in Shanghai!

One of the best street foods I’ve found in Shanghai are the infamous potsticker like buns named Shengjianbaos (生煎包)! These fried buns with stuffed pork inside are mainly popular in Shanghai and are the most delicious, might I warn you not too healthy, treats in Shanghai! The best part of it is when you bite into these buns, they have this soupy like consistency similar to that of a Xiao Long Biao but even better with the crispy outside! I’ve heard that Yang’s fried dumpling is a must try. If not, 1221 is a popular Shanghainese restaurant that serves great ones too! If you visit Shanghai, don’t hesitate to pump up your day with a few of these decadent Shanghai favorites!

***Warning: Eat with Moderation!

Picture above is taken from 1221 Restaurant.


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Wagas, Wagas, Wagas! I’ve heard of many of my expat friends say that this place was one of their go to sandwich places but till now my work and life has solely been in the Xinitandi proximity. Needless to say, this place is not really that far off from Xintiandi, really only 5 minutes walk:)

At first glance this place reminds me of home, a loungy, sandwich cafe with upbeat music and free WIFI. Now I know why this is such a well known place amongst expats and tourists alike. They serve a variety of delicious homemade sandwiches, salads, soups, and juices and all of their ingredients are fresh! Something that is sometimes hard to find in Shanghai. Even their desserts are homemade and I also saw a sign saying that their pastas are only “41rmb” after 6pm. What a deal!! I had the curry chicken spinach wrap and today’s special carrot soup. Both were very good and price was decent. We got 2 sandwiches, 1 bowl of soup and 1 large mocha and it was about 150rmb. This is a great place to have a casual business lunch or go with friends for a catch up chat, highly recommended!!!I  love Wagas! If you have some other good places that you recommend to try with decent prices, please share… I am still a rookie in Shanghai:)

They have many locations and their Xintiandi location is at:

  • Hong Kong New World Plaza, 300 Huaihai Zhong Lu
  • (86-21) 6335-3739

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Best Little Dragon Dumplings in Town!!!

Just for some expats/tourists who happen to be in Shanghai and love dumplings!

I’ve came across the best Xiao Long Bao Shop in town today!!! Don’t expect too much from the shop itself, it is sort of a hole in the wall and the size of a closet but they have these perfect sized, handmade juicy dumplings, that are to die for!

If you happen to be in Luwan district, this is a MUST TRY!!! For 5 rmb, you get 8 dumplings!

Here’s a picture of the store front(on the bottom with 5 characters) located on Hefei Lu between Shunchang Lu and Ji’ An Lu.


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