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Does subtotal=total?

Today I was at the convenient store buying water and there was a waiguo ren(American) standing in front of me. I noticed he was asking the clerk for his fa piao. The 2 clerks behind the counter instead acted as if they did not heard him and turned their backs on him while counting their money. The guy and his 5 year old boy were standing there furious for 5 minutes and they still didn’t give him his fapiao or acknowledge him at all. After getting no response from them, he turned and looked at me. Trying to reassure him, I said, “This happens all the time!” He was confused and asked why??? Then came to the conclusion that they were being dishonest, he yelled, ” Bu Chengshi”!

Then I noticed that they only rang me up as a subtotal and not actually total!

Is no system a system in China? Has this happened to you before?

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