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Urban Soup Kitchen

Treat yourself to some hearty fresh Soup, Salads and Sandwiches at Urban Soup Kitchen! Found this place a week ago located near Xintiandi and it’s perfect for a healthy quick lunch! They also have free delivery within 2 km if you order directly.

Try their Carrot Ginger soup and Tuna Sandwiches, they’re Deeeee-li-cious!

You can also get a Combo Deal  and get a Salad or Sandwich+soup for half the price!

Phone: 021-3331-1861


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Hao Taobao!

Image representing Taobao as depicted in Crunc...

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One of the pros of modern technology and China is it’s invention of Taobao. This online marketplace is China’s own version of ebay/amazon. They have anything and everything there plus it’s supposedly cheaper than anything you can find at the stores! Although one of it’s famous drawbacks was that it only accepted China cards (I had some trouble setting up my online account at Bank of China, see my Bank of China post) when I first arrived so I stayed clear of taobao for awhile. After months of steering clear of Taobao and lots of window shopping since imported items were 3 times US prices, I decided to check out Taobao once more.

Today, I went on taobao to look for some filters for my Philips air purifier. I wasn’t able to find it anywhere else online and even googled stores in Shanghai that sold them. So my last resort became my best resort! As I opened up the Taobao site once again, I found about 10 full pages of filters!!! Yay, I was so thrilled! Then, click  click, click THERE WAS A VISA OPTION and this time it was simple, fast and easy! “Taobao…you’re a life saver!”

Please note if you have a hard time reading Chinese like me, you can use Google Chrome. It will translate the page for you.

And delivery usually takes about 2 days. Happy Shopping!

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Cleanliness is next to Godliness~Air Pollution

Air pollution can be a serious hazard for expats who move to Shanghai. To be sure, you’re taking care of yourself and being on the right side of things, below are a few precautions you can take:

1) Check out the website: or keep the China Air Pollution Index iPhone app handy.

2) Buy plants such as: money plants, snake plants and spider plants to absorb the harmful air pollution. Check out the NASA’s study of the 10 most purifying plants.

3) Use Face Masks(particularly N95 from Taobao) to protect your lungs!

4) Buy an air purifier for your home. I recommend IQAir, BlueAir or Allen Air as compared in this article.

Good Luck!



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Does subtotal=total?

Today I was at the convenient store buying water and there was a waiguo ren(American) standing in front of me. I noticed he was asking the clerk for his fa piao. The 2 clerks behind the counter instead acted as if they did not heard him and turned their backs on him while counting their money. The guy and his 5 year old boy were standing there furious for 5 minutes and they still didn’t give him his fapiao or acknowledge him at all. After getting no response from them, he turned and looked at me. Trying to reassure him, I said, “This happens all the time!” He was confused and asked why??? Then came to the conclusion that they were being dishonest, he yelled, ” Bu Chengshi”!

Then I noticed that they only rang me up as a subtotal and not actually total!

Is no system a system in China? Has this happened to you before?

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Lost in Shanghai?

One of my favorite past times in Shanghai is to try the different cuisines and new restaurants here! A friend of mine brought me to this restaurant when I first moved here and last night we had another fun and amazing night there. We had a group dinner date there consisting of about 12 people and everyone had a blast! The atmosphere was warm with dimmed lighting and they served a handful of fine tuned exotic Yunnanese dishes.

Imagine deep fried lamb samosas, fragrant fish in banana leaf, silky tofu with eggplant and Dali style Chicken…(I think my mouth is watering again:)

If you’re lost in Shanghai, dont’ fret and go to “Lost Heaven“!  This is the essential place to go for the ultimate foodie in Shanghai! 

They have 2 locations. One on the bund, and one in the French Concession. I felt like I had a better experience at the one on the bund. 

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Dog Nazis?

Shanghai is a fascinating place with many a things, but one thing is certain: Shanghai DOES NOT equal dog lovers!

A little about my background: Back in the states, we’ve always had dogs in our family and we treat them with love and care. However, after rescuing a pup from one of the dog rescues here, JAR RESCUE, I have been kicked out of numerous parks(whether it’s on/off leash), restaurants forbid them from entering, and when walking on the streets, people act like my poor sweet dog is about to jump and attack them!

Just today, I was walking my dog at the park next to my apartment and it happened again! One of the security guards came up to me and stared at my dog and “shooed” me away! Another time, I had to hide her in a big carry bag so that I could catch a taxi to the vet!???

So, my question is, “Where do the dogs go?”

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Does heart shaped chocolates = Love?

Happy Valentine’s Day to Everyone! This day is not only for lovers in love or people in relationships but I truly believe this day is for everyone who is loved. This includes by family members, good friends and people in your lives. They may not send you roses or buy you heart shaped chocolates but knowing that you are loved and cared for by these people is to be appreciated, and out of all the 365 days in a year, today is the one day that you need to remember those people most dearest to you and cherish that feeling!

Happy Valentine’s Day to my Family and Friends! I am so grateful to have such loving and good hearted people in my life to support and love me!!! Who and what are YOU most grateful for on this day?

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