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Hao Taobao!

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One of the pros of modern technology and China is it’s invention of Taobao. This online marketplace is China’s own version of ebay/amazon. They have anything and everything there plus it’s supposedly cheaper than anything you can find at the stores! Although one of it’s famous drawbacks was that it only accepted China cards (I had some trouble setting up my online account at Bank of China, see my Bank of China post) when I first arrived so I stayed clear of taobao for awhile. After months of steering clear of Taobao and lots of window shopping since imported items were 3 times US prices, I decided to check out Taobao once more.

Today, I went on taobao to look for some filters for my Philips air purifier. I wasn’t able to find it anywhere else online and even googled stores in Shanghai that sold them. So my last resort became my best resort! As I opened up the Taobao site once again, I found about 10 full pages of filters!!! Yay, I was so thrilled! Then, click  click, click THERE WAS A VISA OPTION and this time it was simple, fast and easy! “Taobao…you’re a life saver!”

Please note if you have a hard time reading Chinese like me, you can use Google Chrome. It will translate the page for you.

And delivery usually takes about 2 days. Happy Shopping!

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Shanghai Cai Chang

Today, one of my local friends brought me to the neighborhood Food Market “Cai Chang” on Tangjiawan Lu and  Zhaozhou Lu. Crowded with many local consumers, you can use literally pennies and coins to buy what your heart desires. From colorful vegetables, to hairy crabs, to hanging meat, to fresh swimming fish and pig knuckles!

Although, this experience is definitely not the “Safeway/Wholefoods” experience with the organized checkout counters and friendly staffs helping each and everyone of your needs. On contrary, there’s a bit of a mosh pot feel to Shanghai grocery shopping with the intention of getting everything you need to make for dinner while squeezing through crowds and ducking from fists to stray away from pushy, aggressive consumers:)

Honestly, I would have been a bit scared if I went there alone as you could have probably found me squeezed into a dark corner trying to buy some tomatoes, but luckily I was accompanied by someone who knew what was going on.  I guess that’s Shanghai for ya! 🙂

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